Shih­men reser­voir should only sup­ply Taoyuan City: mayor

The China Post - - LOCAL - BY SUN HSIN-HSUAN

Shih­men Reser­voir’s ( ) wa­ter sup­ply should be re­stricted for the use of Taoyuan City (

) only, Taoyuan’s Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan ( ) said yes­ter­day.

In re­sponse to Cheng, New Taipei City Mayor and Kuom­intang Chair­man Eric Chu ( ), pointed out yes­ter­day morn­ing that hav­ing headed Taoyuan County for eight years, he knows that Taipei, Taoyuan and parts of Hs­inchu de­pend en­tirely on Shih­men Reser­voir and Feis­tui Reser­voir ( ) for their wa­ter con­sump­tion. He said that he be­lieves “wa­ter re­sources should be shared.”

Chu added that even when both reser­voirs have suf­fi­cient wa­ter stor­age ca­pa­bil­i­ties, Danan Wa­ter Treat­ment Plant (

), which is fed by the Feis­tui Reser­voir, still has to pro­vide for Linkou ( ) and Tais­han (

) dis­tricts in New Taipei City. Feis­tui Reser­voir’s sup­ply area will also be ex­tended to reach Ban­shin Wa­ter Treat­ment Plant ( ), also in New Taipei City, in the fu­ture. Chu said this was how the pipe­line was orig­i­nally ar­ranged and can­not now be read­justed. Wa­ter shar­ing be­tween the two reser­voirs is hence cru­cial for achiev­ing a sta­ble wa­ter sup­ply for the greater Taipei area, said Chu.

Though tor­ren­tial rain fell the day be­fore yes­ter­day, wa­ter ra­tioning looks set to con­tinue. New Taipei City has ex­e­cuted wa­ter ra­tioning — cut­ting off wa­ter for two days ev­ery five days — while ra­tioning af­fects nine ar­eas in the re­gion. The gov­ern­ment of New Taipei City stated that 24-hour wa­ter sup­ply points are set up at all nine dis­trict of­fices.

Gov­ern­ment Agen­cies to

Save Wa­ter

More­over, all gov­ern­ment in­sti­tu­tions are to thor­oughly par­tic­i­pate in wa­ter con­ser­va­tion. Wa­ter faucets should only be used spar­ingly and be turned off im­me­di­ately af­ter use; soap and other clean­ing liq­uids are to be used in mod­er­a­tion; dry-clean prod­ucts are also be­ing pro­moted dur­ing the drought, stated the New Taipei City Gov­ern­ment.

Taipei Rapid Tran­sit Cor­pora- tion (TRTC, ) claims the high­est con­sump­tion rate for wa­ter and elec­tric­ity of all the Taipei City Gov­ern­ment agen­cies, ac­cord­ing to city DPP coun­cilors Ho Chih-wei ( ) and Wang Min-sheng ( ) this morn­ing.

Wa­ter Bill for Taipei City

As the wa­ter sup­ply drops, elec­tric­ity prices go up. Ac­cord­ing to Ho, Taipei City Gov­ern­ment’s wa­ter and elec­tric­ity bill last year to­taled NT$5 bil­lion, of which NT$ 4.9 bil­lion was for elec­tric­ity and NT$100 mil­lion was for wa­ter, the prices of which have risen 12.3 per­cent and 7.4 per­cent re­spec­tively from that of the pre­vi­ous year. Coun­cilors urged Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je ( ) to lead his staff in prac­tic­ing en­ergy sav­ing.

By can­cel­ing news­pa­per sub­scrip­tions, end­ing the YouBike’s free first 30- minute pe­riod of lease and be­gin­ning to charge for all park­ing spa­ces at the end of the year, Taipei City Gov­ern­ment is in­creas­ing its in­come, but only 30 of the 160 lo­cal gov­ern­ment agen­cies un­der Taipei City Gov­ern­ment suc­ceeded in cut­ting en­ergy con­sump­tion last year, mak­ing Taipei rank last among Tai­wan’s cities for en­ergy sav­ing, stated Wang.

City coun­cilors Ho and Wang called on Ko to thor­oughly ex­am­ine the is­sues of over-con­sum­ing en­ergy, and to make Taipei City a role model as the cap­i­tal of Tai­wan.


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