Bos­nia claims sec­ond world’s largest stew record

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A dozen Bos­nian chefs claimed Fri­day they set a new record for the world’s largest stew, out­per­form­ing their fel­low coun­try­men’s 2014 achieve­ment.

They worked from dawn at Sara­jevo Square, with scores of on­look­ers join­ing them as the day went by.

It took the cooks eight hours to make a mas­sive tra­di­tional stew that weighed 4,124 ki­los ( 9,290 pounds).

“We needed 1,000 ki­los of chicken meat, 150 ki­los of car­rots, 50 ki­los of cel­ery, up to 30 ki­los of onions, 15 ki­los of okra, 100 ki­los of flour as well 100 litres of oil and 50 ki­los of but­ter,” chef Zaim Mer­dan told AFP.

The record has not yet been ver­i­fied by a Guin­ness World Records com­mit­tee.

The cur­rent record is also held by Bos­nian cooks, who last year made a gi­ant fish stew that weighed 4,026 ki­los ( 8,875 pounds) in the north­ern town of Prn­ja­vor.

Dozens of vol­un­teers helped the Sara­jevo cooks break the record, chop­ping meat and veg- eta­bles.

When the event was over, the cooks handed out some 15,000 por­tions of stew to peo­ple who at­tended the event and to soup kitchens for the poor.


Bos­nian chefs at­tempt to make the world’s largest batch of chicken soup in Sara­jevo on Fri­day, April 17.

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