My brain is more fe­male than male, says Bruce Jen­ner in ABC in­ter­view


For­mer Olympic cham­pion Bruce Jen­ner says that “for all in­tents and pur­poses, I am a woman.”

Jen­ner spoke in a long-awaited in­ter­view tele­vised Fri­day with ABC’s Diane Sawyer about her gen­der iden­tity, say­ing she has al­ways been con­fused about it. Early in the in­ter­view, Jen­ner took out her pony­tail to let her long hair flow be­hind her.

“My brain is more fe­male than it is male,” said Jen­ner, the 1976 Olympic de­cathlon cham­pion who has been bet­ter known in re­cent years as part of tele­vi­sion’s om­nipresent Kar­dashian fam­ily.

Jen­ner said she hopes that speak­ing pub­licly about the gen­der is­sues would do some good in the world and vig­or­ously de­nied that the in­ter­view was some sort of pub­lic­ity stunt to pro­mote the Kar­dashian re­al­ity TV show.

“If the Kar­dashian show gave me a foothold to do some good, I’m all for that,” Jen­ner said.

Jen­ner said he self-iden­ti­fies as “her,” not a spe­cific name.

As a young boy, Jen­ner felt an urge to try on his mother’s and sis­ter’s dresses.

“I didn’t know why I was do­ing it,” he said. “It just made me feel good.”

Jen­ner said she told her first two wives about the gen­der con­fu­sion, and it was a fac­tor in the breakup of her sec­ond mar­riage. Dur­ing the 1980s, she be­gan tak­ing hor­mones, had surgery to make her nose smaller and was hav­ing hair re­moved from her face and chest.

Jen­ner said she has never been sex­u­ally at­tracted to men, and she wanted to make clear to view­ers that gen­der iden­tity and sex­u­al­ity were sep­a­rate things.

“I am not gay,” Jen­ner said. “I am, as far as I know, het­ero­sex­ual. I’ve al­ways been with a woman, rais­ing kids.”

Jen­ner said she’s gone back to say she was sorry to peo­ple in her life hurt by the gen­der iden­tity is­sues.

“I’ve apol­o­gized to every­body,” Jen­ner said. “I’ve apol­o­gized my whole life.”

She fought back tears and reached for a tis­sue be­fore the in­ter­view even be­gan. Jen­ner said it was hard to talk about gen­der is­sues be­cause of con­cerns about dis­ap­point­ing peo­ple.

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