Viet­nam’s trade deficit reaches US$3 bil.: statis­tics of­fice

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The to­tal mer­chan­dise ex­port turnover for Viet­nam was recorded at US$63.2 bil­lion in the first five months of this year, an in­crease of 7.3 per­cent over last year’s fig­ure.

Mean­while, the to­tal im­port turnover reached US$66.2 bil­lion, record­ing an in­crease of 15.8 per­cent from last year.

The FDI sec­tor was over­whelmed by im­port-ex­port ac­tiv­i­ties, ac­cord­ing to the Viet­namese Gen­eral Statis­tic Of­fice (GSO). The ex­port sur­plus of the FDI sec­tor kept the na­tion’s trade deficit at US$3 bil­lion.

The FDI sec­tor ex­ported US$44.4 bil­lion in the first five months, in­creas­ing by 12 per­cent, and im­ported US$39.7 bil­lion, ris­ing by 23.2 per­cent, to make a trade sur­plus of US$4.7 bil­lion.

The do­mes­tic sec­tor ex­ported US$18.8 bil­lion, nearly a half of the FDI sec­tor, and im­ported US$26.5 bil­lion turnover, mak­ing a trade deficit of US$7.7 bil­lion.

Ac­cord­ing to GSO, the ex­port prod­ucts that have large val­ues and high growth rate be­longed to the FDI sec­tor.

Tele­phones and com­po­nents ex­ported US$11.8 bil­lion, in­creas­ing by 18.5 per­cent; elec­tronic prod­ucts, com­put­ers and spare parts ex­ported US$ 6 bil­lion, in­creas­ing by 59.7 per­cent, while footwear ex­ported US$4.6 bil­lion, in­creas­ing by 19.5 per­cent.

Some agri­cul­tural prod­ucts in the do­mes­tic sec­tor recorded fairly high growth rates: cashew nuts earn­ing US$817 mil­lion and in­creas­ing 25.6 per­cent; cas­sava and its prod­ucts earn­ing US$740 mil­lion, in­creas­ing by 47.5 per­cent.

GSO eco­nomic ex­perts ex­pressed their con­cerns about the ex­port of some key prod­ucts in the do­mes­tic sec­tor, in­clud­ing agri­cul­tural and seafood prod­ucts.

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