Was it planned? It’s part of a plan big­ger than you un­der­stand

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DEAR AN­NIE: You printed a let­ter from “Ex­pect­ing Mom in the Mid­west,” who asked for a re­sponse when rude peo­ple ask, “Was it planned?” You sug­gested, “Why do you need to know?” I think a good an­swer would be, “Of course! God planned it!” I love your col­umn.

— Bossier City, Louisianna

Dear Bossier City: Your re­sponse was by far the most popular one we re­ceived. We ap­pre­ci­ate all who sent in their per­sonal pref­er­ences. Here are a few sam­ples:

From Pat: Your re­sponse was mas­ter­ful. An­other re­tort (not orig­i­nal to me) would be: “If peo­ple ask you, tell them you don’t know.” And a gen­tler re­sponse: “I’m hurt by your ques­tion.”

El Paso: In my opin­ion, a bet­ter an­swer to this ques­tion is: “Well, I guess that’s re­ally be­tween my hus­band and me. Don’t you agree?”

R.: I would sim­ply say, “Yes, it was planned, but if we plan an­other, should we in­form you first?” There seem to be more ig­no­rant and stupid peo­ple in to­day’s world, and they have no fil­ters be­tween their brains and mouths.

P.: When asked, “Was this preg­nancy planned,” I would say, “I give up. Was it?” I have used this more times than I can say, and it al­ways works.

Mother of Twins: I would sim­ply ask, “Were you?”

Tyler, Texas: Some­one could re­ply, “It was more planned than the ques­tion you just asked!”

Sal­is­bury, Penn­syl­va­nia: I’ve found this re­sponse works: “Why in the world would you ask such a per­sonal ques­tion? It’s rude, and you’re nor­mally not a rude per­son. Are you feel­ing OK?” When­ever you end with a ques­tion, the other per­son feels com­pelled to an­swer. So throw it back in their court, and watch ’ em squirm. They de­serve a lit­tle squirm­ing.

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