Polls on KMT’s Hung set for pub­li­ca­tion to­day

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The re­sults of opin­ion polls on Deputy Leg­isla­tive Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu ( ) will be pub­lished Sun­day as part of the rul­ing Kuom­intang’s (KMT) pres­i­den­tial pri­mary, KMT Chair­man Eric Chu said Satur­day.

Chu said ev­ery­thing will pro­ceed ac­cord­ing to the es­tab­lished sys­tem.

“To­mor­row at 10 a.m., we will openly un­seal (the re­sults) in front of every­body,” he said.

The re­sults will be closely watched by not only the KMT’s sup­port­ers but those of the main op­po­si­tion Demo­cratic Pro­gres­sive Party, which is ea­ger to re­gain the pres­i­dency it lost in 2008 by get­ting its chair­woman, Tsai Ing-wen, elected in next Jan­uary’s pres­i­den­tial race.

Hung is the only can­di­date to have qual­i­fied for the KMT’s pres­i­den­tial pri­mary. Whether she will be nom­i­nated will be de­cided by her abil­ity to se­cure at least 3-per­cent sup­port in the se­ries of opin­ion polls con­ducted by three dif­fer­ent poll­sters Fri­day and Satur­day.

There were, how­ever, ru­mors that even if Hung passes the test of polls, the KMT might still not nom­i­nate her.

In re­cent days, Leg­isla­tive Speaker Wang Jin-pyng has given hints he is in­ter­ested in run­ning for elec­tion if he is drafted by the party.

In re­sponse to ru­mors that the KMT might not nom­i­nate Hung and draft some­one else in­stead, Chu said be­cause the KMT is in the process of trans­form­ing into a fully demo­cratic party, there are all kinds of voices and ru­mors. The party still hopes to set up a sys­tem and act ac­cord­ingly, he said.

“We re­spect all kind of voices, but some­times don’t take ru­mors se­ri­ously,” he said.

Many of the ru­mors are re­lated to claims that Hung can­not win the na­tional elec­tion and Wang would have a bet­ter chance of beat­ing Tsai in her at­tempt to suc­ceed Pres­i­dent Ma Ying-jeou, who won back power for the KMT in 2008.

Ac­cord­ing to the rul­ing party’s reg­u­la­tions, Hung’s nom­i­na­tion will be de­cided by the col­lec­tive out­comes of the polls be­fore it is con­firmed by a con­ven­tion of party del­e­gates in July.

Each of the three polls will be com­prised of an “ap­proval” sur­vey de­signed to gauge re­spon­dents’ sup­port for Hung as a can­di­date and a “com­par­a­tive” sur­vey testing her rat­ing against that of Tsai Ing-wen ( ), chair­woman and pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee of the op­po­si­tion Demo­cratic Pro­gres­sive Party.

Each of the three polls must ob­tain 1,200 valid re­sults from those polled in or­der for the re- sults to stand.

Re­sults from the “ap­proval” and “com­par­a­tive” com­po­nents will both be as­signed a 50 per­cent weight­ing to­wards Hung’s over­all sup­port rat­ing as­sess­ment, and the fi­nal out­come will be taken from the av­er­age of the three polls.

If Hung fails to win at least 30 per­cent sup­port in the polls, the KMT can de­cide not to nom­i­nate her and can draft an­other can­di­date, ac­cord­ing to KMT rules.

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