Neigh­bours are rude and ob­nox­ious. How can they be han­dled?

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DEAR AN­NIE: A cou­ple of years ago, my hus­band and I in­tro­duced our­selves to our new neigh­bor. We helped her catch her dog when it took off down the street and lent her our cell­phone when her dog locked her out of the car. We waved hello and good­bye. She told us that her hus­band was in the ser­vice. He came home and be­fore we knew it, he was mov­ing out.

The prob­lem is, this woman is now com­ing home in the wee hours of the morn­ing, some­times as late as 5 a. m. She of­ten re­turns slightly drunk and with some ran­dom guy. They slam the car doors and beep the horn mul­ti­ple times try­ing to lock the car, laugh­ing and talk­ing loudly out in the road. They wake us up all the time.

My hus­band asked her nicely one day to please use the lock in­side the car door in­stead of us­ing the key fob, which beeps. Well, now when we’re out­side, she will beep the car horn for no rea­son. Her new, live- in boyfriend is a po­lice of­fi­cer in a neigh­bor­ing town, and he likes to beep the horn late at night.

What do you do with a bully cop? How do you com­plain to the po­lice who usu­ally pro­tect their own? We worry that if we re­port him, then our kids will be ha­rassed and pulled over by his friends. What can we do? — Can’t Stand the Sight of


Dear Can’t: This im­ma­ture of­fi­cer needs to be re­ported and you should be able to do so anony­mously so he can­not be cer­tain who reg­is­tered the com­plaint. ( We sus­pect plenty of neigh­bors are as an­noyed as you are by the con­stant horn beep­ing.) And in the mean­time, stop re­act­ing. These child­ish peo­ple en­joy get­ting a rise out of you. Ig­nore the beep­ing. Wave hello when you see them. Be as friendly as you were be­fore. Wear earplugs at night. Give them no rea­son to de­rive sat­is­fac­tion from taunt­ing you. We hope they grow up soon.

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