Far­glory mis­places fo­cus with law­suit: Taipei


Taipei City Gov­ern­ment spokesman Sid­ney Lin (

) said yesterday that Far­glory Group ( ) is merely dis­tract­ing the public from fun­da­men­tal is­sues in­clud­ing the le­git­i­macy and safety prob­lems of the Taipei Dome by fil­ing a suit against the City Mayor Ko Wenje ( ) and other per­son­nel in his ad­min­is­tra­tion in­volved in the Taipei Dome pro­ject.

On June 14, Far­glory be­gan re­leas­ing state­ments to the public, say­ing that the com­pany will be su­ing Ko and his as­so­ci­ates for defama­tion. On June 17, the city gov­ern­ment an­nounced that they plan to have the Taipei Dome pro­ject taken over by banks.

Far­glory Vice Chair­man Tsai Chung-i ( ) yesterday said that “whether or not the pro­ject is taken off the com­pany’s shoul­ders, we will be su­ing Ko and his ad­min­is­tra­tion.” He added that the com­pany does not fancy law­suits at all, how­ever, Far­glory has no more tol­er­ance for the false and harsh crit­i­cism blasted from the city gov­ern­ment.

Ac­cord­ing to Lin, lawyers sug­gested that the com­pany bring the case to court. “The con­stant li­bel needs to stop,” Tsai said, be­fore it sab­o­tages the com­pany’s rep­u­ta­tion even more greatly.

Tsai said that Ko and his team have been bad­mouthing the com­pany since Ko took of­fice in De­cem­ber last year. He said that the city gov­ern­ment has been ver­bally abus­ing the com­pany with in­sult­ing lan­guage such as “pig­gish,” “ar­ro­gant,” “lack of con­science,” as well as “be­com­ing the bur­den of the next gen­er­a­tion ow­ing to its greed­i­ness.”

Tsai said that the firm’s lawyers are col­lect­ing rel­e­vant ev­i­dence and doc­u­ments and also draft­ing up a list of de­fen­dants. “It takes some time as the case in­volves not only the Taipei Dome pro­ject but also the com­pany Chair­man Chao Teng-hsi­ung (

). The law­suit will be filed as soon as next week,” Tsai said.

Law­suit Noth­ing but

Mis­di­rec­tion: Lin

In re­sponse, Lin said yesterday that what the city gov­ern­ment and cit­i­zens care most about are the safety is­sues and le­git­i­macy of the con­struc­tion. “How­ever, in­stead of pro­vid­ing clear and sub­stan­tial an­swers for these cru­cial mat­ters, Far­glory is evad­ing the is­sue and mis­lead­ing the public with a law­suit. We be­lieve that it will only bring more dam­age to the com­pany’s rep­u­ta­tion,” Lin said.

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