Madi­son de­picts her sad time at Play­boy


Holly Madi­son in­sists that she doesn’t like talk­ing about liv­ing at the Play­boy man­sion and dat­ing Hugh Hefner, but be­lieves “it’s im­por­tant to tell the truth of my story.”

The 35-year-old for­mer Play­boy Bunny writes about life be­fore, dur­ing and af­ter the man­sion in her new book, “Down the Rab­bit Hole” ( Dey Street Books). She paints a com­pletely dif­fer­ent pic­ture from the care­free life de­picted in the now de­funct E! se­ries “Girls Next Door,” which fea­tured the leg­endary men’s mag­a­zine pub­lisher liv­ing with his three girl­friends — Madi­son, Brid­get Mar­quardt and Ken­dra Wilkin­son.

“I wasn’t re­ally happy with the way Hef treated us,” says Madi­son, now the mar­ried mother of one child. “I wanted to be in the re­la­tion­ship where I was the only girl and I wanted more out of the sit­u­a­tion than what we were re­ally al­lowed to do.”

The book de­picts a cal­cu­lat­ing, ma­nip­u­la­tive and ver­bally abu­sive Hefner. For his part, he has re­leased a state­ment ac­cus­ing his for­mer lover of rewrit­ing history.

Madi­son talked about her new book in an in­ter­view with The As­so­ci­ated Press.

AP: Hugh Hefner has al­ready re­leased a state­ment re­but­ting your book. Did you ex­pect that was com­ing?

Madi­son: Oh, yeah. I was sure he would put out some kind of re­sponse but I didn’t re­ally care what it was be­cause for me, he doesn’t have any men­tal or emo­tional power over me any­more. I’m to­tally done with that. I wanted to share my story so peo­ple could fi­nally know where I was com­ing from and ... in­spire peo­ple if they’re in bad re­la­tion­ships to break free or to rein­vent them­selves if they feel bad about a de­ci­sion they made a long time ago. I don’t care what his re­ac­tion is. This wasn’t done out of re­venge.

AP: Watch­ing “Girls Next Door,” you all seemed to be hav­ing fun and happy. Was that not the case?

Madi­son: Ev­ery­thing in the TV show was Hef ap­proved. Ev­ery­thing was very pos­i­tive when it came to his life and his lifestyle. The three of us girls had a great time film­ing it. ... The show def­i­nitely im­proved life for us a lot.

AP: Your story is unique but do you think it’s re­lat­able?

Madi­son: Ev­ery­body has that friend they know who is in a re­ally mis­er­able re­la­tion­ship and they are re­ally un­happy, but they stay and they think they love that per­son, and I think my story is re­lat­able. There were a lot of rea­sons I stayed as long as I did but it didn’t mean I was happy or treated well.

AP: Look­ing back, did you love Hef?

Madi­son: I ab­so­lutely cared about Hef a lot. I tried to love him. I think part of that was to try and jus­tify the de­ci­sion I made to even be there in the first place. I was a re­ally good girl­friend the whole time he was there. I al­ways had his back but one day I just woke up. I couldn’t take it any­more. It was like the spell was bro­ken. I was done.

AP: What part was the hard­est to write?

Madi­son: The first night I spent at the man­sion (when she says she had her first sex­ual en­counter with him). I had a lot to drink. That was the only part of the book I had re­ally any trou­ble remembering much of. I kept skip­ping that and say­ing, “I’m gonna go back to that, I’m gonna go back to that” be­cause it was some­thing I blocked out.

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