Ex-US navy mem­ber al­leges anti-gay bul­ly­ing by CIA work­ers


A for­mer mem­ber of a U. S. Navy spe­cial oper­a­tions force has filed a com­plaint al­leg­ing the CIA bul­lied him for be­ing gay dur­ing a work as­sign­ment in Afghanistan last month.

For­mer Navy SEAL Brett Jones said he filed the in­ter­nal com­plaint last week against the fed­eral agency, say­ing he was forced to en­dure ho­mo­pho­bic slurs and other in­ap­pro­pri­ate com­ments on June 11 in Afghanistan as a group of con­trac­tors and civil ser­vants with the CIA watched news of the U. S. Supreme Court rul­ing that le­gal­ized same- sex mar­riage.

Jones also said he was aban­doned and forced to walk in 50- de­gree- Cel­sius tem­per­a­tures with­out wa­ter while he worked there as a CIA con­trac­tor.

Jones, 41, the au­thor of “Pride: The Story of the First Openly Gay Navy SEAL,” said he feared for his safety and re­turned home early from Afghanistan.

The CIA said that it takes such com­plaints se­ri­ously but de­clined to com­ment on the al­le­ga­tions.

Jones said that dur­ing his time work­ing in Afghanistan peo­ple he was work­ing with called him an anti-gay name. Jones al­leged in the com­plaint that his team later ditched him in 50-de­gree-Cel­sius tem­per­a­tures with­out wa­ter, mak­ing him walk part of the way back to their com­pound be­fore they stopped to give him a ride.

“I heard a faint laugh­ing fol­lowed by a dis­tant, ‘ He can walk back!’ The door closed and they drove out of sight,” Jones said in a state­ment to the Union Tri­bune news­pa­per, which ob­tained a copy of the com­plaint.

Jones also said a Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion shown dur­ing a staff brief­ing con­tained sex­ist, anti- gay and racist themes, and his call sign was changed from “Bad Mon­key” to “Gay Gay.”

“It’s crazy that it still ex­ists. But it does. It re­ally does,” he said.

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