Ko ‘re­spects’ China’s ‘1992 Con­sen­sus’ stance

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In an in­ter­view with Chi­nese media, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wenje ( ) said he re­spects and un­der­stands main­land China’s stance on the “1992 Con­sen­sus.”

Ko yesterday ac­cepted in­ter­views from three media out­lets in­clud­ing China’s state-run Xin­hua News Agency ( ).

Xin­hua asked Ko: “A few days ago, Shang­hai Deputy Mayor Weng Tiehui ( ) met Mayor Ko and un­der­scored the ‘ 1992 Con­sen­sus’ as the po­lit­i­cal ba­sis of the peace­ful de­vel­op­ment of cross-strait re­la­tions. What is Mayor Ko’s view on the ‘1992 Con­sen­sus’?”

Ac­cord­ing to the Xin­hua re­port, Ko replied that he re­spects and un­der­stands China’s po­si­tion on the 1992 Con­sen­sus.

“China has put forth the ‘ 1992 Con­sen­sus’ as the ba­sis for peace­ful de­vel­op­ment of cross-strait re­la­tions — I ex­press and un­der­stand­ing to­ward this po­si­tion,” Ko said in a tran­script of the in­ter­view.

The so-called “1992 Con­sen­sus” is the tacit agree­ment that there is only one China but that each side of the Tai­wan Strait is free to in­ter­pret what China means.

“But I also be­lieve that my ‘new 2015 view ( )’ has another mean­ing that is pos­i­tive,” Ko con­tin­ued, ac­cord­ing to the re­port.

Ko’s “new 2015 view,” which has been framed as a re­place­ment for the “1992 Con­sen­sus,” ar­gues that the two sides of the Strait co­op­er­ate for mu­tual gain while re­spect­ing each other’s history and all agree­ments pre­vi­ously signed and agreed upon.

In the in­ter­view, Ko pledged to pur­sue any ex­change that ben­e­fits both sides.

“So long as it is con­ducive to the in­ter-city ex­changes and to en­hanc­ing the well-be­ing of the peo­ple of the two cities, I will ac­tively pur­sue it,” he said, ac­cord­ing to Xin­hua.

Asked for his views on TaipeiShang­hai in­ter­ac­tion, Ko said pro­mot­ing ex­changes and in­creas­ing good­will be­tween the cities has al­ways been his pol­icy.

Ko said that as a doc­tor, his in­ter­ac­tions with Shang­hai were con­cen­trated in the med­i­cal field; now as Taipei City mayor, he aims to ex­pand the scope of in­ter­ac­tions to trans­porta­tion, science and tech­nol­ogy and ed­u­ca­tion.

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