Sea and land warn­ing is­sued for Soude­lor

Yi­lan, Hualien, Green Is­land & Or­chard Is­land of­fices are closed


School and work are can­celed to­day in Yi­lan ( ), Hualien (

) and Green Is­land Town­ship ( ) as well as Orchid Is­land Town­ship ( ), due to Typhoon Soude­lor.

Typhoon Soude­lor will be the first typhoon to make land­fall in Tai­wan this year. The Cen­tral Weather Bureau (CWB) an­nounced both sea and land warn­ings yesterday and urged all to be care­ful as strong winds and huge rain­fall are an­tic­i­pated.

As of 8 p.m. yesterday, the cen­ter of the typhoon was mov­ing west- north­west from the Western Pa­cific to­ward Tai­wan at a speed of 23 kilo­me­ters per hour with min­i­mum pres­sure at 930 hPa, its ra­dius had reached 280 km.

CWB of­fi­cial Hsieh Ming-chang ( ) said that the great­est im­pact will take place this af­ter­noon or to­mor­row evening and the cen­ter of Soude­lor may in­cline to­ward north or south.

Yi­lan ( ) , Hualien ( ) and Taitung ( ) are all pos­si­ble land­ing lo­ca­tions, but from its tracks so far, it is most likely that it will land on Hualien and Taitung, he said.

Ac­cord­ing to the CWB’s es­ti­ma­tion, Typhoon Soude­lor is still brew­ing and may strengthen later, the storm ra­dius also seems to be de­vel­op­ing con­tin­u­ously. Re­gions that are closer to the cen­ter will ex­pe­ri­ence heavy winds and an es­ti­mated 400-600 mil­lime­ters of rain­fall on the plains and more in the moun­tains.

The CWB warned fish­ing ves­sels op­er­at­ing on the north­east and south­east coast, as well as Bashi Chan­nel ( ), to be on the alert. In ad­di­tion, the outer rim of the typhoon is ex­pected to bring heavy rains and waves to the eastern part of Tai­wan, in­clud­ing Orchid Is­land ( ) and Green Is­land ( ), to the Hengchun Penin­sula ( ) in the south and to south­west re­gions near the coast. It is rec­om­mended to stay away from the coast.

Due to the ar­rival of Soude­lor, Taipei veg­etable mar­kets’ av­er­age trans­ac­tion fee rose yesterday to NT$36.9 per kilo, a 22.19-per­cent in­crease com­pared to Aug. 4. Pro­duce ar­riv­ing in the mar­ket also had a 7.78-per­cent in­crease, show­ing that the Coun­cil of Agri­cul­ture (COA) has reg­u­lated the sup­plies.

Take Taipei’s cab­bage price for ex­am­ple, it was NT$30.5 per kilo yesterday but only NT$21.5 last week on Aug. 4, a 41.86-per­cent in­crease. How­ever, Agri­cul­ture and Food Agency Di­rec­tor Li Tsang-lang ( ) pre­dicted that the dam- age to ma­jor veg­etable pro­duc­tion re­gions in Western Tai­wan won’t be as se­vere as be­fore, there­fore there is no need over-stock on food.


2. Pas­sen­gers dis­em­bark a ferry at Taitung’s Fu­gang Fish­ing Har­bor ( ), yesterday. Fer­ries op­er­at­ing from Taitung to outer is­lands were sus­pended yesterday af­ter­noon due to the im­pend­ing Typhoon Soude­lor. Be­fore the sus­pen­sion of ferry ser­vices, there were a to­tal of eight ex­tra trips from Taitung to Green Is­land ( ) and one to Orchid Is­land ( ), trans­port­ing 2,000 peo­ple back to Taitung. 3. As re­ported 9:30 p.m. last night by the Cen­tral Weather Bureau (CWB), the cen­ter of Typhoon Soude­lor is lo­cated in 710 kilo­me­ters from Hualien’s East-south­east di­rec­tion over sea wa­ter. It is head­ing to­wards Tai­wan in east-north­east di­rec­tion at a speed of 23 kilo­me­ters per hour.


1, Deep-sea fish­ing ves­sels dock at Kao­siung’s Qianzhen Fish­ing Port ( ) for shel­ter, yesterday. The Cen­tral Weather Bureau has an­nounced that Typhoon Soude­lor is grad­u­ally ap­proach­ing Tai­wan and will cause im­mense rain­fall and heavy winds, es­pe­cially in coastal re­gions.

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