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Ac­cord­ing to a re­cent sur­vey from the Child Wel­fare League Foun­da­tion, five in 10 child re­spon­dents said they don’t talk to their fathers for more than 30 min­utes per day. Fewer than three in 10 chil­dren have din­ner with their fathers fewer than 3 days a week, while 36 per­cent of fa­ther re­spon­dents have never at­tended their kid’s school ac­tiv­i­ties be­cause they are at work, are oth­er­wise too busy or have no in­ter­est, the sur­vey found.

As most fam­i­lies celebrate Tai­wanese Fa­ther’s Day on Aug. 8, be­cause the eighth day of the eighth month, or “ba-ba” (八八) in Chi­nese, sounds sim­i­lar to the col­lo­quial word for “daddy” (baba, 爸爸), why don’t you share some mem­o­ries of your fa­ther to be pub­lished in next week’s PrimeTalk? Send sub­mis­sions to com­mu­nity@chi­na­ and in­clude your real name, na­tion­al­ity, con­tact num­ber, some photos and a pro­file. Spec­ify “Eye on Tai­wan” in the sub­ject line and en­sure your sub­mis­sion is be­tween 300 and 500 words. Writ­ers whose pieces are se­lected for pub­li­ca­tion will re­ceive one month’s free sub­scrip­tion to The China Post.

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