Soude­lor leaves ‘NT$3.34 bil. in agri­cul­ture losses’

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Typhoon Soude­lor brought an ac­cu­mu­lated NT$3.34 bil­lion in dam­ages to Tai­wan’s agri­cul­ture, forestry, fish­eries and an­i­mal hus­bandry, the Coun­cil of Agri­cul­ture (MOA, ) re­ported yesterday.

The amount of dam­age was the sixth high­est since the MOA started record­ing typhoon dam­age in 2006.

Agri­cul­tural dam­age to­taled more than NT$2.34 bil­lion, of which bananas ac­count for the largest loss (NT$460 mil­lion), fol­lowed by bam­boo shoots, guava, pa­paya and shad­dock (NT$100 mil­lion to NT$200 mil­lion each). Up to 42,261 hectares of farm­land en­dured dam­age, the COA said.

An­i­mal hus­bandry l osses amounted to NT$22.57 mil­lion, with losses of 157,000 chicken, 64,000 ducks and 475 pigs.

Fish­eries losses are pegged at NT$83.57 mil­lion, with oys­ters and koi mak­ing up the ma­jor­ity of the cost. Forestry losses reg­is­tered at NT$34.07 largely due to tree dam­age.

Also, NT$55.20 mil­lion worth of dam­age was recorded on civil build­ings and struc­tures, ac­cord­ing to the COA.

With re­gards to the dam­age suf- fered ge­o­graph­i­cally, Chi­ayi topped the list with NT$680.56 mil­lion in losses, mak­ing up 22 per­cent of Tai­wan’s to­tal loss.

Yun­lin ranked the sec­ond and suf­fered NT$319.9 mil­lion in dam­age. Kaoh­si­ung ranked the third los­ing NT$312.6 mil­lion.

Tainan and Changhua are the firth and sixth high­est, los­ing NT$310.94 mil­lion and NT$296.06, re­spec­tively.

Ping­tung and Yi­lan suf­fered NT$241.08 and NT$216.67 mil­lion in losses, re­spec­tively. Taichung and Hualien each lost about NT$100 mil­lion.

Many lo­cal gov­ern­ments have ap­plied for cash as­sis­tance, and Changhua’s ap­pli­ca­tion is likely to meet the re­quire­ment, the COA said.

Look­ing at typhoon dam­age in the past, the big­gest dam­age was brought by Typhoon Mo­rakot in 2009, in the amount of NT$27.57 bil­lion.

Typhoon Fanapi in 2010 caused the sec­ond largest amount of dam­age – NT$8.12 bil­lion.

Typhoon Krosa in 2007 caused a loss of NT$7.81 bil­lion, mak­ing it the third most dam­ag­ing typhoon in Tai­wan’s history.

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