Prob­lem­atic flour prod­ucts de­tected in South­ern Tai­wan, ac­cord­ing to FDA


Flour bleach­ing agents con­tain­ing sul­fur diox­ide and the preser­va­tive ben­zoic acid were found to ex­ceed le­gal lim­its in wet flour prod­ucts yesterday, with more in­ves­ti­ga­tions still to be car­ried out, an­nounced the Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion, yesterday (FDA,

). The FDA has re­moved 2,493.6 kilo­grams of the prob­lem­atic wet flour prod­ucts, but also re­vealed at least 50 down­stream ven­dors and en­ter­prises were af­fected in Tainan alone. Sev­eral busi­nesses in Kaoh­si­ung await in­spec­tions as of press time.

Forty-four items tested for ad­di­tives and sul­fur diox­ide failed to meet safety stan­dards, out of the to­tal 1,295 prod­ucts tested as part of the FDA’s crack­down on flour prod­ucts that be­gun this year, mak­ing the fail­ure rate 3.4 per­cent.

Flour prod­ucts pro­duced by the Tainan City-based Zai Bo En­ter­prise and Yi Tsai Food En­ter­prise are of­ten sold to tra­di­tional noo­dle stalls, stated the FDA. Many of the stalls buy them in daily.

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