‘Pa­tri­archy big chal­lenge to women de­vel­op­ment’


PA­TRI­AR­CHAL sys­tem in the so­ci­ety has been cited as the most chal­leng­ing is­sue af­fect­ing women in meet­ing equal de­vel­op­ment as that of men.

Speak­ing last week dur­ing a two day sem­i­nar or­ga­nized by Chil­dren Dig­nity Fo­rum (CDF) through its four-year project, ‘MenEn­gage Tan­za­nia net­work, a Ki­non­doni para­le­gal, An­thony Isakwi said it is the pa­tri­ar­chal sys­tem which is so­cial con­structed in the so­ci­ety that men think they are su­pe­rior than women and so treat them vi­o­lently.

“We are in the so­ci­ety that thinks the de­vel­op­ment of a woman is at­tained through fully in­volve­ment of a man. Women need to be em­pow­ered to meet their own de­vel­op­ment,” he said.

As a para­le­gal he said it is high time that the gov­ern­ment and gen­der ac­tivists to ini­ti­ate var­i­ous ways in ed­u­cat­ing the so­ci­ety on the need to aban­don pa­tri­ar­chal sys­tem which is af­fect­ing many women in the so­ci­ety.

“Through the train­ing, I now un­der­stand that women need sup­port and care. I have un­der­stood that be­ing a woman, does not mean that all the house­hold chores must be done by her. They are also hu­man be­ing like us men,” he said.

Com­ment­ing on the is­sue of child care and ma­ter­nal health, he said it is the re­spon­si­bil­ity of both par­ents to care for their chil­dren since the preg­nancy pe­riod to de­liv­ery pe­riod.

He noted that most men do not care for their wives when they are preg­nant, think­ing that it is women’s re­spon­si­bil­ity.

“We need to change. Pa­tri­archy sys­tem should not af­fect us any­more. When I go back home, I will make sure I as­sist my wife in do­ing house­hold chores, I won’t care what my neig­bours will say about me. I will use the knowl­edge I got to in­spire my fel­lows,” con­fess Isakwi.

On her part, the MenEn­gage Tan­za­nia Co­or­di­na­tor, Dorothea Earnest, said the train­ing fo­cus on rais­ing aware­ness to var­i­ous par­ale­gals in Ki­non­doni, Te­meke and Ilala Dis­tricts on ef­fec­tive means of in­volv­ing men in the fight­ing against Gen­der Based Vi­o­lence (GBV) done to women.

She said for a long time var­i­ous in­sti­tu­tions and other gen­der ac­tivists have been cam­paign­ing for equal­ity be­tween men and women with­out in­volv­ing men who are the main cause of all vi­o­lence done to women.

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