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Why am I so happy to live in Thai­land?

I don’t have to pro­duce ID be­fore I can have a drink.

I don’t pay an ex­tra 10 cents for my soft drink, so some en­ter­pris­ing col­lec­tor can make money out of my emp­ties.

I can still carry my shop­ping home in plas­tic bags and use them for a whole va­ri­ety of use­ful pur­poses. Mine do not find their way into the Gulf of Thai­land.

I don’t have to put a hel­met on my head for a 10-minute ride in con­gested traf­fic when the am­bi­ent tem­per­a­ture is 30 de­grees.

(I do have to put my own life and limb at sig­nif­i­cant risk when my mo­tor­bike taxi driver feels con­strained to put his hel­met on, or an­swer his phone, while driv­ing with the other hand. But when you have been do­ing the same thing for a life­time, you could prob­a­bly do them si­mul­ta­ne­ously.)

I can take my whole fam­ily out for a ride on a mo­tor­bike. Or some­one else can. All un-hel­meted. If one of us dies, I have done the planet a favour.

If I think a par­tic­u­lar ma­noeu­vre on the road is safe, no one, in­clud­ing the po­lice, ques­tions my judg­ment. Red lights are seen as a warn­ing to take care.

I am al­lowed to park in my own drive­way. Or yours for that mat­ter.

I am al­lowed to park on “the wrong side of the road” or the mid­dle of the road if I want to.

My cig­a­rettes and beer cost me US$3 a unit. Pack of 20/large bot­tle.

I can buy Aus­tralian grapes con­verted into wine here at half the price of its Aus­tralian made al­ter­na­tive. Thank you Bill Shorten.

I can buy al­co­holic drinks and cig­a­rettes at any shop which chooses to sell them.

I don’t get fined $5,000 for in­dulging my­self in one of my harm­less thrills, get­ting un­der the boom gate be­fore it falls on me.

I don’t get fined $600 if I over­look re­new­ing my reg­is­tra­tion. Come to think of it, who both­ers to re­new?

If my car does hap­pen to get towed away, which does hap­pen if I leave it in the mid­dle of a main road in Bangkok, I must pay $20 to re­trieve it.

I do feel sorry for you all. Why doesn’t some­one ob­ject to be­ing so roughly treated?


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