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Re: “Plants have feel­ings too”, (PostBag, Oct 13).

We hear the old “plants feel pain” ar­gu­ment to counter the view that it’s cruel to eat an­i­mals. Since plants don’t have a cen­tralised ner­vous sys­tem, there is no sci­en­tific ba­sis for as­sum­ing they feel pain.

But here’s the clincher. Since most plant food is fed to live­stock, not hu­mans, the live­stock in­dus­try causes more plants to be de­stroyed than vegans.

Will this new in­for­ma­tion cause any meat eaters to be­come vegans? Of course not! Be­cause con­cern for plants is not their rea­son for eat­ing meat and they know it! They’re just mak­ing ex­cuses. Eric Bahrt

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