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It seems to me the mil­i­tary con­trolled gov­ern­ment has told the cit­i­zens what you need to do to get into power and they have, of course, set the prece­dent many times in the past 80 years.

A mas­sive show of arms in the streets of all cities needs to be fol­lowed by a takeover of all me­dia an­nounc­ing the coun­try is in a state of emer­gency. You then get to take con­trol of all in­sti­tu­tions, mean­while ar­rest­ing all dis­senters, even shoot­ing a few to show you mean busi­ness.

The con­sti­tu­tion is then ripped up, a new one care­fully con­trived to get ex­actly what you want in the next 20 years with a clause that also states it’s im­pos­si­ble to change it. You have a vote on that char­ter with­out ever dis­clos­ing what’s in­side, you ar­range and rig an elec­tion and then nom­i­nate a per­son who didn’t par­take in that elec­tion as PM. This is the tried and trusted method.

Democ­racy, elec­tions, peace­ful protests, ar­gu­ments and aca­demic ap­proval of your changes doesn’t cut it. Only vi­o­lent rev­o­lu­tion gets what you want. So now we know.


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