Why do most con­flicts in­volve Mus­lims?

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I al­ways won­der why Mus­lim mi­nori­ties can­not co­ex­ist peace­fully in the coun­tries they are re­sid­ing.

I’m not point­ing an ac­cus­ing fin­ger at any­one, but it’s al­ways Mus­lims against Chris­tians, or Hin­dus, or Bud­dhists and even Mus­lims against Mus­lims (Shi’ite and Sunni ). I have never heard of ha­tred or riots against mi­nor­ity Chris­tians or Hin­dus or Bud­dhists in any coun­tries, ex­cept in coun­tries where Sharia law is ap­plied.

From my ob­ser­va­tion the main rea­son be­hind all trou­bles is Mus­lims try­ing to spread Is­lam, mak­ing it the re­li­gion of the world. Som­sak Pola

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