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DeFacto has achieved significant success within a short time. Were you expecting this growth?

DeFacto’s success is not a matter of chance… It is a brand which was well planned and well-designed right from the beginning. The rapid growth has been built on a foundation of conducting good research and good analysis. We always conducted analytical fashion and managed our brand with figures. We developed our collection as a result of the research we had conducted and opened our stores. We never opened a store that could not make a profit just for the “sake of our image”. We did not take any major risks without being able to see ahead of ourselves.

How did you do this?

In the 2000s, Ozon Giym took the decision to make the transition from textiles to retailing and create its own brand. When we began to provide the group with consulting services, there were two other brands in addition to DeFacto. The brand which received the most positive reaction from consumers was DeFacto. We closed the other brands without developing them and continued on our way with DeFacto. Ever since the first day, it has been a brand with its targets, vision and strategy. How did you join DeFacto? I have been in the retail sector since I was 20 years old. When I was 23 years old I was sales manager at LC Waikiki and responsible for 700 customers. When I was 30, I resigned from LC Waikiki and went to Britain to attend courses in retailing. Six months later, when I returned to Turkey, one of the most important projects that I wanted to realize was to create a global mass appeal brand in clothing. I saw that I could realize my dream at Ozon Giyim and I put an end to my consulting career and concentrated on DeFacto. Two years after I joined the group I became a partner. The result was that we were not mistaken in believing that we could create a global mass appeal brand with DeFacto. DeFacto was founded in 2004. I remember that in that year we sold 80,000 items. Today our annual sales have reached 55 million items. We are continuing to compete as the number two despite the presence of many large global and domestic rivals. How many stores do you have? We have been opening our own stores since 2006. We don’t give distributorships. Last year, the total number of our stores both domestically and abroad rose to 204. This year we are opening 71 new stores. This figure is the highest that we have reached so far. At the end of 2014, the total number of

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