Aselsan was established to meet the needs of the Turkish defense industry. It has grown rapidly through its investments in R&D and opening up to the rest of the world and has become a billion dollar company. The company’s general manager Dr. Faik Eken say

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In which sectors is Aselsan active? How many sectors come within its areas of expertise?

We renewed our organizational structure this year. We increased the number of our group vice presidencies, broadened our expertise and reorganized by gathering them into “sectoral vice presidencies”. There are five different vice presidencies. One of these is “Communication and Information Technologies”. Here we focus on three main areas: Communications, Satellite-Space Technology and Information Technology, and Cyber Security. Another vice presidency is called “Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics”. The third is “Radar & Electronic Warfare Systems”. Our fourth sectoral vice presidency is “Defense Systems Technologies”, which serves as an umbrella for three group vice presidencies, namely “Air and Missile Defense”, “Land Weapons Systems” and “Command, Control and Naval Systems”. In recent years we have undertaken very important responsibilities in air defense. In addition, we have established a new vice presidency called “Transportation, Security, Energy & Automation Systems.” This was established for non-defense fields.

Why do you have this non-military sector?

When you look at them, the policies that are applied in the defense sector facilitate the accumulation of significant experience and expertise. But there is also a need for national technologies in other sectors. We want to put the technological experience and expertise that Aselsan has acquired over the years at the service of other areas in which it is needed. We want to make a contribution to the development of domestic technology and reduce our country’s dependence on outside sources.

As a company, in addition to being a strong defense industry company, we are aiming to create a structure that is active in other sectors. There are some very large investments in railroads. Energy investments, autobahns and new plants are being built. They also need national technology.

Is the technology that you possess suitable for use in these fields?

Yes, we have the necessary basic technology. We won’t start work on brand new technology. Aselsan is not leaving the defense sector. On the contrary, we want to use the technology we have in other fields as well. Of course, our main duty is to reduce to a minimum the dependence of our armed forces on outside sources. We shall never abandon our efforts to strengthen our effectiveness in this regard.

Is it possible to reduce the dependence

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