Tosyalı Holding has grown rapidly in recent years. The turnover of the group, which stood at $354 million in 2004, reached $3 billion at the end of 2014. FUAT TOSYALI, the head of the holding, says this growth has been realized by focusing on a single sec

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Over the last 10 years you have been one of the fastest growing groups… What is the reason that you have grown so fast?

We have invested in and focused on just one sector, the one we know well. The investments that we have made in our business, regardless of whether they were good times or bad, is what has brought us today’s growth. The most important elements in growth have been being focused and not being distracted.

Where will future growth in the sector come from?

We are a sector that is focused on exports. Iron and steel is still the second largest category in Turkey’s exports. In the future, investments will be made in high technology products and the contribution that the export of these will make will ensure that sectoral growth is more long-lasting and sustainable.

What is the driving force that results in you investing in production at times when production has declined?

We are the second and third generation to head this business of ours. We are producing on three continents and we are our country’s global steel producer. We have a vast amount of experience of the business in which we are involved. In addition to this, we receive support from many leading players from around the world.

Who do you receive support from, for example?

We receive managerial support and opinions. Because in this business it is not enough just to produce, you need to know the foreign exchange cross rates, to manage policies with countries, and countries’ growth plans. In addition to producing, it is essential that you produce quality products, produce competitively and, in order to sell high volumes of them on the appropriate market, that you can market them well. We receive support on all of these issues.

You are the first in Turkey to produce high added value flat steel using advanced technology. How much did you invest in order to do this?

Together with our Japanese partners we laid the foundations for this investment on 3 January. This $500 million investment will enable us to produce high technology cold steel, steel for the automotive industry

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