Over the last 11 years, Mey İçki has changed hands three times. Throughout this process the company’s CEO GALİP YORGANCIOĞLU has always remained in the driver’s seat. Today, Mey İçki has 63 brands in five categories and in 2014 secured first place in the

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Mey İçki has changed hands three times and you have always remained the general manager. Why haven’t they opted for someone else?

I think that it is the team here that they cannot do without. We really have a very good team. Of course, even if some leave then new good team players take their place. This team spirit always continues. I happen to be the head here but this success is the success of that team, the success of a team with drive and energy. As long as this team, this drive, this culture and this industriousness continue then Mey İçki will always continue to win championships and break records.

How did you become the champions in rakı exports?

We always used to be second. We became champions for the first time this year. In fact, we should be in the alcoholic drinks category and evaluated there but they put us in the fresh fruits category. Our exports of $36 million in 2014 have made us the champions in this category. When we first took over the company from Tekel, our exports were around $7-8 million. Our exports have grown from 1 million liters to 5 million liters. In terms of value, we are close to $40 million.

How did you develop your global vision in rakı? What kind of roadmap do you have?

I think there are three touchstones for becoming a global brand. The first is that if you want to be a brand with world-class standards then your product needs to be world-class. Since we took over the company from Tekel we have achieved a significant increase in quality. Our rakı is now of a very high standard. The second is that a brand which aims to be global should have a presence on several target markets. The third touchstone is that the sales, distribution and logistics networks should be strong enough for your product to be on the shelves in your target countries. Diageo is the largest alcoholic drinks company in the world. We have made significant progress here by using both our existing channels and Diageo’s channels.

In how many countries do your products have a presence?

At the moment we have a presence in 55 countries. In terms of the geographic distribution, we have a presence in all of

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