Consumers are becoming more mobile by the day, which is forcing companies to be “everywhere, all the time”. The only way to do this is through digitalization. In any case, for this reason there has been a significant increase in the share of internet and

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THE MOST talked about concept is now “becoming a digital company”. All of the companies in different sectors have integrating digitalization with their business processes on their agendas. In this way they are looking to increase the revenue they secure from digital channels. The sector which benefits the most from digitalization is retailing. It has reached such a point in the retail sector that the multichannel digital age has begun to virtually rewrite the rules of the game. The figures demonstrate this transformation very clearly. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, the size of internet retailing in Turkey, which is currently TL 7 billion, will double over the next five year. Moreover, it is not just large companies. SMEs also have adapting to the digital world on their agendas. Another study reveals this side of the picture. According to a market analysis by IdeaSoft, as of June 2015 the number of SMEs in Turkey which were using e-commerce packet software had reached 11,000. A total of 75 per cent of the SMEs which participated in the survey also sell products through an e-commerce site at the same time as via their physical workplace or store. All of these data demonstrate how seriously companies are taking sales via digital channels.


When one looks at the figures, there are differences between sectors in terms of the proportion of their income that companies earn from digital channels. For example, banking is the most digital sector at 85-90 per cent. In clothing retailing the rate of digitalization ranges from 1 per cent to 5 per cent, while in technology markets 8-15 per cent of sales are via digital channels. But there is one reality that is the same regardless of the sector and that is that this rate has increased significantly when compared with five years ago. For example, Teknosa currently secures 10 per cent of its turnover from digital channels, which is 8.5 times the

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