Türk Henkel’s turnover grew by 7.4 per cent to reach 400 million. It will close 2015 with a similar growth rate. Türk Henkel Board Chair ALEMDAHASANHASANHASAN ALEMDAR thinks that 2016 will be difficult. He says that their goal is always to grow more than

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Henkel Türkiye grew by 8 per cent in 2014. How is 2015 going?

In 2014 Henkel grew organically by 3.4 per cent worldwide. In developing countries the growth rate was in a band of 7-8 per cent. Henkel Türkiye grew by 7.4 per cent, which was a little above the average for developing countries. We want to record a performance which is better than the competition in the markets in which we are active. In 2014 Henkel Türkiye had turnover of approximately

400 million. Things are looking similar in 2015. If we look at the results for the second quarter, developing countries grew by 5.1 per cent. Turkey grew more than developing countries during the same period. At the end of 2015 our growth rate will again be higher than the average for developing countries and close to the levels of last year.

How is your turnover distributed between the sectors in which you are active?

Approximately 50 per cent of Henkel’s global turnover is from industrial products, with 22 per cent coming from cosmetics and personal care and 28 per cent from cleaning products and detergents. In cosmetics and personal care we are currently one of the four main players in Turkey and have a double digit share of the market. We are growing very rapidly in this field but cosmetics and personal care account for less than 20 per cent of Türk Henkel’s turnover.

People are talking about 2016 being a difficult year. What are your predictions?

We know that 2016 is not going to be an easy year. It is a long time since we multinational companies saw markets growing rapidly and since we had we had a calm and settled working environment. Nor is there currently any prospect of us having one soon. We have to continually adapt ourselves to the existing situation. We are trying to ensure that the structure of the company is more adaptable and more flexible. Simplified operations are an important part of our operations. In order to standardize and simplify all of our global processes we completed a 1.8 billion acquisition in 2014.

Have you begun to see results from your investments in IT?

We are revising and standardizing our processes. We are now working on a single standardized IT platform worldwide. For example, Henkel has integrated the organization of its entire supply chain into a single structure and has begun to manage

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