The “Most Popular Companies in Turkey” survey, which Capital is publishing for the 15th time this year, once again contains some very significant data. There has an important change at the top. Koç Holding, which ranked second last year, has replaced Turk

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CAPITAL’S “The Most Popular Companies in Turkey” survey, which has now become a tradition, contains some striking findings. During the course of the survey, 1,602 representatives of the business community from more than 700 companies were contacted. The field work for the survey lasted three months and was conducted using the Computer-Assisted Web Interview technique. The views of representatives of the entire business community were taken into account when determining the most popular company in Turkey, while the lists of the most popular companies in specific sectors were based solely on the views of representatives from the sector concerned. The executives who participated in the survey were asked to exclude their own company when identifying the most popular companies in their sector and in Turkey as a whole. Based on the results of the survey, lists were compiled of the top 10 companies based on 20 criteria that affected business processes and the sustainability of the companies concerned.


The executives who participated in the survey were asked to identify companies according to three of 20 criteria that determine their popularity and prestige. Barem General Manager Hakan Döngel says that four features, which are very close to each other, come to the fore here. “These are employee satisfaction, management according to corporate management principles, customer satisfaction and product and service quality,” he says. It is striking that these features are also the shared characteristics of the most popular companies. Even though the survey revealed changes, it was striking that the distribution of companies was consistent with previous years. Hakan Döngel is of the same opinion…

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