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Capital (Turkey) - - INTERVIEW -

You are responsible for Turkey and the Caucasus. What are your priorities for the region?

Our priority is always Turkey. Turkey accounts for a very large share of our core business. I have three important targets. My most important target is to ensure that P&G employees in Turkey are appointed to influential positions in P&G globally. The second is that I try to ensure the healthy and productive growth of the sector. As a leading company in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, the approach we adopt, the steps we take, the ethics of what we do and our belief in competition and innovation are important. What are your new plans? We have a presence in 180 markets throughout the world. We are present on every continent. We reach nearly 80 per cent of the global population. The history of our company goes back 178 years but we can be counted as new when it comes to Turkey. In Turkey we have a total of 20 brands in eight categories. In Turkey we do not have a presence in deodorants in personal care and or in the cleaning tissue category. 20 of our 65 brands are in Turkey.

So will there be new categories that you will enter in Turkey in 2016?

Of course, we are thinking about entering new categories. Five years ago we entered the washing up liquid category with Fairy and the air freshener category with Febreze. We are entering the healthcare category with Vicks. The management of the brand will be transferred to us from January 2016. We have a very large number of brands in the health sector in other countries. We have nutrition products such as our vitamins and health food products. We also have muesli bars.

Do you still have expectations regarding the Over-The-Counter (OTC) law?

We always have expectations. I began my career at Eczacıbaşı. It was even being talked about when I started at the company in 1991. But no one is expecting a change overnight. We took the first step in July last year when we formed a partnership with Eczacıbaşı. Eczacıbaşı currently distributes our entire portfolio. In the future we want to grow with other brands in health. Health has a very important place in our five year plans.

How do you develop your business partnerships?

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