As we enter 2016, CEOs are virtually holding their breath. They are waiting for the new year to being good news. What will 2016 be like? Where will the risks and opportunities be? 146 CEOs who are members of the CEO Club participated in a survey in which

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Experts forecast that, even if it will be less than previous years, the Turkish economy can still achieve what would still be a healthy growth rate of around 3 per cent. The CEOs who participated in the CEOProfile survey were of the same opinion. 51.4 per cent of the CEOs who participated in the survey forecast that Turkey would grow by 3 per cent in 2016, while 32.7 per cent believed that it would grow by 4 per cent.

Akkök Holding CEO Ahmet Dördüncü provided the following analysis of the repercussions of his forecast of a growth rate of 3.2 per cent: “There are different dynamics behind the fact that the average growth rate has continued to be less than its potential. The difficulties as regards global growth, the difficulties resulting from the devaluations on the main export markets, the restoration of domestic political stability all have an impact on the creation of this environment.”

46.7 per cent of the participants in the CEOProfile survey were of the opinion that 2016 would be better than 2015. 35.5 per cent of the CEOs thought that 2016 would be the same as 2015 and 13.1 per cent believed that it would be worse or much worse.

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