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2015. It involves an investment of $100 million. We shall begin production in January 2017. We shall be the first in the sector. Our plant will product biotechnological medicines for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, rheumatism and diseases of the blood and the central nervous system.

Do you have any new investment plans apart from AbdiBio?

We want to expand a little outside Turkey. In addition to AbdiBio, we have factory investments abroad, particularly in Kazakhstan and Algeria. Our Kazakhstan plant began production in 2015. This was the first time that we had undertaken production at a plant outside Turkey. In Algeria, we have launched an investment in what will be the most modern factory in the country’s pharmaceutical sector. We shall hold the opening ceremony for our production plant there in 2016.

Are you open to new partnerships or acquisitions?

We are open to new partnerships. When it comes to acquisitions, we are looking for opportunities both in Turkey and abroad. In any case, our growth will not just come from biotechnology and bringing new medicines. There are those who ask “Would you consider making an offer?” and we are looking at this kind of company. It is also important that the figures fall within our range. If we can afford them, and have sufficient resources to make the investment, then we look into them.

So where are you aiming to take Abdi İbrahim in the next 5-10 years?

We have set ourselves a target for 2020. In 2020 we want to attain the $1 billion turnover that we had reached 7 years ago. We want to grow in chemical products and we want to export them. We want to enter some new countries. In 2015 we had turnover of TL 1 billion. But when our sub-contracted production and other services are included then the figure was TL 1.3 billion. When we reach 2020 we want 60 per cent of our turnover to come from the domestic market and 40 per cent from sub-contracted production and exports.

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