Retailing is a sector that has caught the eye by recording double digit growth. Sabancı Holding Retail and Insurance Group President HALUK DINÇER th thinks that this growth will continue at a rate of 15-20 per cent. “There is still vigo vigorous growth in

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What is the total size of the companies for which you are responsible?

The Sabancı Holding Retail and Insurance Group consists of CarrefourSA, TeknoSA, Aksigorta, AvivaSA and BimSA, which is the information technology group for the holding. Four of these companies are publicly owned. Three have foreign partners. The total market value of the companies in the retail and insurance group is around TL 9-10 billion.

What will be the growth rate in retailing this year? What are your expectations?

When Turkey grows, retailing definitely grows at a higher rate. If Turkey grows by 4 per cent in 2016 then retailing will continue to grow at 15-20 per cent. There is still vigorous growth in retailing in Turkey. The sector will grow by 15-20 per cent a year over the next ten years The retail market in Turkey has a total size of TL 650 billion. Modern retailing accounts for only one third of this. I mean, to a large extent, it is still dominated by the traditional and unregistered market. But a substantial proportion of the growth in retailing in Turkey comes from modern channels.

What is the situation in food retailing?

The food retailing market has a total size of TL 400 billion. In the future, the market will become more regularized and modern chains will continue to take an increased market share. At the same time, national chains are growing much faster than regional ones. Not counting its acquisitions, last year CarrefourSA’s turnover grew by 26 per cent last year. BİM grew by 20-22 per cent and Migros by 16-17 per cent. We can say that the national chains are growing by around 20 per cent every year.

To what extent did CarrefourSA realize its targets?

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