Last year the Turkish economy grew by 4 per cent. This period, which was overshadowed by two general elections and which was characterized by continuously high tensions, made it difficult for the largest groups in Turkey to grow. Although many groups had

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oç Holding is the largest private sector company in Turkey and is now looking to achieve even greater successes in the international arena. The group plans to take its domestic leadership to the international arena and is determined to take every step in this direction. Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu is one of those who is determined to do this: “In the future we shall continue to strengthen our international activities and be one step ahead in new technologies and business models and consolidate our leadership,” he says. Sabancı Holding is planning to utilize the opportunities afforded by technology to continue profitable growth. The Holding’s CEO Zafer Kurtul says that they plan to invest TL 5 billion in 2016. Sabancı Holding is also determined not to miss investment opportunities for inorganic growth. They are particularly looking for any kind of opportunity for this in the cement sector. Almost all of the major groups are currently looking for opportunities that will enable them to progress. This search is primarily focused on new technologies, new markets and the acquisition of companies and brands.


One of the Turkish groups that has grown the fastest in recent years is Yıldız Holding. In the future, it is looking to be first or second in all of the markets in which it is active. It is focused on making the most of opportunities that will enable it to realize this goal. The group

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