OKYAY’S AGENDA The new industrial revolution is on our agenda. We are looking at how we shall adapt to it. We had an investment in Russia but unfortunately we too were affected and we halted it. Our investment in Italy is continuing but we are thinking of

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we change our processes, products and ecosystem? We are still just at the beginning of this, perhaps even behind the start line. But we think that we need to set this as a target and do some things. We also have the national projects on our agenda… Turkey has a policy of being able to be more independent in industry and producing more of its own products and we are trying to contribute to this. I think that this is a question of Turkey’s future.

What are your current ongoing investments as the Kale Group?

In terms of construction materials, we are continuing what we started in previous years. We are undertaking some significant work on digitalization there. We are working not just on the product side but also in terms of customers and channels. We are working on how we can turn the advantages offered by the new industrial revolution into an advantage in the sector. This work we are doing is in areas such as sales outlets, understanding the customer, collecting data, improving processes and how to make these more efficient. In addition, we are continuing with our projects in aviation and defense. What is the situation as regards growth plans? In construction we are looking for investment opportunities abroad but the current situation does not allow us to make a move immediately. We have completed an investment in granite ceramics and we are continuing our operations there. We are closely following developments in the latest production technology. We want to internalize them. As a result, we are trying to do some things ourselves and to have things produced in Turkey. We are focused not on increasing capacity but on producing high value added products. We are growing in the bathroom group. We have some aggressive investments and we are trying to complete them.

Are you looking for anything new in your existing business areas?

We are a company which is always ready for partnerships. We have formed partnerships with a number of companies in defense and aviation. Some are continuing, others are not. We are continuing to work on unmanned aerial vehicles. We used to have an investment in robotic automation. We have withdrawn from it now but we worked together in the sector for a very significant period of time. We are a principled company that strives to be just. Because we are a company that always bears in mind certain key principles and tries to maintain partnerships for as long as possible, we don’t tend to have many problems. But we have to come across the right opportunities and conditions or we need to look for them. At the moment we are not looking at anything specific in terms of partnerships.

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