Capital has prepared its latest list of “Turkey’s 50 Philanthropic Businesspeople”, which it is publishing this year for the third time. Changes at the top and huge increases in the donations budgets have made their mark on the list. Doğuş Group Board Cha

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Capital has prepared its latest list of “Turkey’s 50 Philanthropic Businesspeople”, which it is publishing this year for the 4th time. The most striking result of the survey is the change at the top of the list. When his total personal donations, foundations budget, CSR budget and financial assistance are taken into account, then Doğuş Group Board Chair Ferit Şahenk heads the list of “Turkey’s 50 Philanthropic Businesspeople”. In 2015, the Doğuş Group’s total donations stood at TL 277.201 million. It is followed by the Koç Family, which ranked first last year. In 2015, Fiba Holding Board Chair Hüsnü Özyeğin quadrupled his donations budget to TL 207.3 million. This resulted in Özyeğin ranking third in the list. Ali Nihat Gökyiğit, whose personal donations have resulted in him being included in the list, set a new record by increasing his donations budget 9.5 times.


Kadir Has was one of the most philanthropic Turkish businesspeople ever. Kadir Has bequeathed all of his wealth to the Kadir Has Foundation, which is managed by his sons Can Has and Nuri Has in order to fulfil the terms of his bequest. The donations made by the Has brothers in 2015 meant that they succeeded in being listed amongst “Turkey’s 50 Philanthropic Businesspeople”. Kadir Has Foundation Deputy Board Chair Nur Has

notes that there are very important social issues that require funding outside the fields of education and health. He says that for this reason they have concentrated particularly on the issue of earthquakes. He adds: “If possible, we wanted to contribute to improving the current structure and ensuring that all the buildings and roads in Istanbul are ready for an earthquake in order to avoid experiencing the same suffering again.”


Sanko Holding was included in the study of the philanthropists for the first time this year after sharing its data. When asked which issue he would address if he had more resources at his disposal, Sanki Holding Board Chair Zeki Konukoğlu replied as follows: “I would use these resources to remove the shortcomings in the country in terms of raising motivation to the maximum. Unfortunately, as a nation we can’t seem to shake off our pessimistic mood. In society, we should respect high value growth and be full of love for the small and become a society that is more respectful to the environment and the society in which we live. Why can’t we go faster? Why are we delaying? In order to achieve this we need well-educated, well-equipped, motivated people.”


Tekfen Holding Founder and Honorary President Ali Nihat Gökyiğit says that what he wants is to be of greater service to rural development and protecting biodiversity. He says that, if there are more resources, then these resources should still be devoted to biodiversity and he explains the reasons as follows: “Our country is a very rich paradise when it comes to flora and provides bees with a rarely found natural habitat I think that it is very important to contribute to the present and future world here.”

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