“THERE ARE A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES IN TURKEY” We are in the energy, chemicals and real estate sector. Energy accounts for 40 per cent of our turnover. The remaining 60 per cent is divided 30-30 between the chemicals and real estate sector. It is an equal

Capital (Turkey) - - INTERVIEW -

We are still in the top seven. There are a lot of problems in the energy sector as a whole. We want to be more innovative and creative here. Instead of building another natural gas or hydroelectric power plant, we are looking to use our existing assets more effectively. There is currently excess capacity in the energy sector. Supply is more than demand. Turkey is far below the OECD average when it comes to energy efficiency. If we can use energy 10-15 per cent more efficiently then we could save ourselves natural gas imports of $15 billion a year. We have set up a business at Ak Enerji. Our team goes around visiting big shopping malls and large buildings and looks at how efficiently energy is used there. For example, if you use 100 units of energy, you pay TL 100. Our team say: “Give us some time and, if I can reduce the amount you pay to TL 50, then let’s share the savings.” I believe that this is very important for Turkey. When he was Energy Minister in 2005-2006, Hilmi Güler really focused on energy efficiency but he was not able to achieve many results. Efficiency has now become one of the most important tasks

Where do you want to take the group over the next five years?

Over the next five years the chemicals sector will be the flagship of the group. Our first target is to create another $1 billion company. We don’t set ourselves a target in real estate. There we build and sell.


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