Global trade contracted by 11 per cent in 2015 as a result of the appreciation of the US dollar and cheap commodities. The decline in commodity prices put pressure on demand in many countries. During the same period, the volume of Turkish investments in o

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here have been some very significant changes in the list we have prepared based on turnover of the “50 Largest Turkish Companies Established Abroad.” The $5.2 billion turnover of Pladis, which was incorporated in the UK by Yıldız Holding, means that it now tops the list. Ardutch B.V., which was established by Arçelik and has its headquarters in the Netherlands, topped the list last year but ranked second this year with turnover of $2.606 billion. CCI International, which was established by the Anadolu Group to handle its soft drinks operations abroad, climbed three places to rank third in the list with turnover of $1.2 billion.


Capital magazine has been preparing the list of the “50 Largest Turkish Companies Established Abroad” for more than ten years. During this time we have compiled lists not just of the largest companies but also of the fastest growing ones. However, 2015 will enter the history books as a year when, with the exception of 8 companies, there was no turnover growth and when 31 companies suffered significant losses.


Many action plans have been prepared in order to compensate for losses in 2015 and 2016. For example, AE Arma Elektropanç Board Chair Burak Ç. Kızılhan says that Russia is an extremely important region in terms of investments and projects. Crises also bring important opportunities. The fall in commodity prices has created a crisis for global mining companies. Yıldırım Group Executive Board Chair Yüksel Yıldırım says that they are looking for opportunities, and continues as follows: “We are looking to invest in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Africa. We are looking at buying new companies in these places.”

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