The moment we have 11 ports, I hope that we shall increase this to 20-25 by the end of 2017. were the largest company in the world in terms of ports for cruise ships and we want to consolidate this even more. shall consolidate our leadership and be a glob

Capital (Turkey) - - INTERVIEW -

in the world. That is what I am talking about in September 2017. We need at least 12-18 months to work on everything in this regard, consultants, human resources and management, and establish ourselves as a global brand.

What is your growth strategy? Where do you think growth will come from?

We are targeting growth through acquisitions in real estate. In compressed natural gas we are creating the business from nothing. For example, we are entering Iran. If North Iraq calms down a bit, then we shall enter there. In time, we shall enter the Balkan countries.

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