“My father loved music, my mother literature,” says Bülent Eczacıbaşı. The family’s interest in the arts started with collecting, evolved into a desire to share with the public, and resulted in institutions such as the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and

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Why do you attach such importance to design?

I attach importance to design because a “good design” makes our lives easier and raises the quality of life. Is there any area where there is no design? Everything in the world made by humans is designed in some way but can we say that everything has been well designed? Bad design is a reality of our lives. We can find bad design in every area, everywhere in the world. Over time, it is easy to understand whether products, services and services have been well designed. Products which meet needs, do not create new problems, are environmentally friendly, and of high quality aesthetically find a place in our lives. In business life, design is a concept that we never stop talking about. If they are going to be competitive and stand out from others then industrial corporations need to internalize the search for “good design”. I see design as an important means not only for industrialists but for all entrepreneurs as they look to differentiate themselves from the competition. Design does not just cover goods and furniture. We also design buildings, streets, cities, organizations, food, health and education. We should talk more about design because we need to increase the demand for good design in every aspect of life. In order to raise the demand for

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