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same period the previous year. A comparison of the participation rates in the two periods showed that it remained unchanged for men at 72.8 per cent, while it rose by 0.6 per cent for women to 33 per cent.

Even if it only makes a minor contribution, Capital has prepared its “Women-Friendly Companies” survey for the fourth time this year because it wants to support more women participating in the workforce. Here is the latest picture of the situation of women-friendly companies…


The retail giant LC Waikiki came out on top in the “Women-Friendly Companies” survey. Over the last year, the company has added 5,258 new employees to its payroll, of whom 4,108 are women, thus demonstrating that it is women-friendly. Türkiye İş Bankası, which ranked first last year, was second on the list of the companies with the most female employees at the end of 2015. Yapı Kredi Bankası retained its place and once again ranked third in the list of the most women-friendly companies.


The “Women-Friendly Companies” survey was conducted in March 2016, at the same time as the Capital500 survey. When companies which were candidates for inclusion in the Capital500 were sent survey forms, they were also asked for 2015 year-end data on the size of their workforce, the number of female employees, the number of executives and the number of female executives. Companies which did not provide data for the Capital500 survey or which were not included in the Capital500 survey, but were large enough to have been included, were sent the questions again in September and October this year. All of the companies in the financial sector were included in the survey. The data that were collected were used for the table of the 100 women-friendly companies, which was drawn up according to the number of their female employees.

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