In recent times, Kibar Holding has been one of the fastest growing groups in Turkey. Over the last ten years, it has grown fully 11.5 fold and in 2015 its turnover reached TL 23 billion. Kibar Holding Board Chair ALİ KİBAR sa says that, despite the unfort

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Over the last ten years you have been one of the groups which has increased its turnover the most. What has been the reason for this rapid growth?

To be honest, I don’t concern myself with figures any more. Figures are the result of the business that we conduct. During my youth, particularly in the 1980s, large turnovers were very important for us. Now the priority is profitability. You may have a turnover of TL 100 but if you are not earning any money then it doesn’t mean anything. But you may have a turnover of TL 10 and be earning money. For this reason, we don’t concern ourselves too much with figures. We give importance to profitability. At the moment, it is profitability which is the key to business.

What was the holding’s turnover in 2015? How much did you grow?

Last year we had turnover of TL 23 billion. Our aluminum factory was one of the fifth largest in Europe. We grew by around 25 per cent when compared with 2014. A few years ago we invested in our automotive business. The investment we made means that we are using nearly all of our established capacity. We produce and ship around 235,000 vehicles a year. Most of the vehicles we produce, 83-85 per cent, go to export markets.

When did you turn your attention to new markets in automotives? Have you achieved the results you had hoped for?

We began to turn towards new markets, such as Hong Kong and New Zealand, in 2015. We are working on Australia. These are markets where the steering wheel is on the right. We have also begun to ship products to these markets. The volume is not very large but we are looking at them from the perspective of “a market is a market”. Adding them will enable us to diversify our market.

Are you targeting any new markets in the future?

Maybe the Iranian market. We are continuing to work on Iran. If the sales volume is good, we may increase our capacity. We are able to look again at new increases in capacity.

How are sales on the domestic market? What are your forecasts for 2016?

Turkey is a production base for Hyundai’s A and B segments. Our output increases every year. We have a capacity of around 240,000 vehicles. We are the leaders on the domestic market in the A segment. We have a market share of around 28 per cent. Our total market share is around 5.5-6 per cent. Our target is to continue to be the leader of the A segment. There may be an 8-10 per cent contraction in consumption in the market

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