KİBAR HOLDING’S NEW INVESTMENT AGENDA grew by 25 per cent in 2015 and our turnover increased to TL 23 billion. are predicting growth of 5-8 per cent in 2016. are focused on exports and, as a result, are less affected by crises than other groups. are apply

Capital (Turkey) - - INTERVIEW -

We shall realize our targets without any losses compared with last year. We shall close 2016 at the same level, maybe a little better. We are forecasting growth of 5-8 per cent. Maybe only our logistics company will fail to achieve its targets.

The reason that we are less affected by crises than groups in general in Turkey is because we are an export-oriented group. Revenue from abroad accounts for over 60 per cent of the group’s total income. What is important for us is not to lose market share. The customers we had 20 years ago, both domestically and abroad, are still the same. Over time, our customers have grown together with us. What are your expectations for the future? We have some partnerships. We are thinking of exiting some small business fields and entering some different business areas with higher volumes. As a result, we shall leave some sectors and be able to evaluate opportunities that can be developed to a global scale.

We are looking at opportunities such as taking over the management of a global-sized company abroad. In the future, we shall look more at acquisition opportunities. There may be an acquisition in aluminum. Such an acquisition could enable a Turkish brand to be ranked among the global brands.

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