Strategic partnership we formed with IHH in 2012 was an important step forward for Acıbadem have become part of IHH, which is the largest hospital group in the Far East and the second largest worldwide. swapped some shares with IHH and bought some of thei

Capital (Turkey) - - INTERVIEW -

Bulgaria. We are responsible for half of the heart surgery and cancer treatment there. We have a hospital in Iraq but the shares do not belong to us. We just manage it. What is your growth strategy abroad? We are thinking of expanding abroad mostly through acquisitions. We are looking to buy established hospitals which are profitable and positively regarded and develop them still further. But there are several factors to which we pay attention when making an investment. We first study factors such as the population, the demographic structure, the level that the health sector has reached, whether or not there are qualified doctors and health personnel in the region, and whether or not the public sector buys health services from the private sector, and then we make our decision. We study the market and closely monitor every market that may be advantageous for us.

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