Turk­ish ‘Spi­der Men’ defy grav­ity on high volt­age

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LA­BOR­ERS work­ing on a high volt­age trans­mis­sion line, which will be used in elec­tric trans­fers be­tween Turkey’s Van and Si­irt prov­inces, work at great risk on top of wires and poles me­ters above ground.

Work­ing on the high volt­age trans­mis­sion line fixed by Turkey Elec­tric­ity Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Inc. (TEİAŞ) be­tween the two prov­inces, 160 la­bor­ers are dis­trib­uted to their tour ar­eas in the early hours of the morn­ing.

The la­bor­ers take safety mea­sures be­fore start­ing work on the wires and poles risk­ing their lives.

Ex­plain­ing that a con­sid­er­able amount of the la­bor­ers work­ing on the trans­mis­sion line are from Ordu, Se­lami Dip­köy said: “This job was de­scended to us from our grand­fa­thers. Most of the peo­ple in our town earn their liv­ing this way. Our job is highly risky, but we can re­duce the risk to the min­i­mum level by tak­ing mea­sures in the right way.”

One of the la­bor­ers of Ordu ori­gin, Mehmet Ya­man, said they travel the coun­try to earn money and added, “Some­times we walk on the wires, some­times we work in a cage. We also func­tion at spots with a height of 70 me­ters. If you fall, that will be the end of your life. If you don’t, you are alive and happy. I have so many friends who fell and lost their lives next to me. How­ever, such scenes don’t af­fect us too much any­more. Maybe we got used to these.”

Ya­man said when he first started to the job, he was scared, how­ever, he got used to it with time as he learned the job.

“After work­ing for a while, you work as if noth­ing bad can oc­cur. Our fam­i­lies do not want us to do this job - they even re­ject it. They call us so of­ten and ask about our con- di­tion. Those who see us for the first time, on the other hand, get re­ally shocked. They com­pare us to Spi­der-Man. Some of them say that they would not do this job even if they are paid mil­lions,” Ya­man said.

He also men­tioned that he likes the job and the scenery is per­fect above the wires.

“When you get above [the wires], ev­ery­thing is be­neath your feet. We take pho­tos to share on so­cial me­dia. Ev­ery­one asks about where we were while tak­ing the pic­tures. It is joy­ful to at­tract at­ten­tion,” Ya­man said.

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