Software exports should reach USD 50bn

Dunya Executive - - Business -

The industry is in a progress with the companies established in the last five years. We are witnessing a climate change and about to collect fruits of it. Entrepreneurship passion is converting into business but there is a basic deficiency. As a country Turkey is late in investing in new technology hardware manufacturing. But we have the capacity to become a hub for software technologies. There is an incredible youth base. The state should act as an active leader. It could be either a IT Ministry or another body under PM or the president. We need to put a target of USD 50bn software exports by 2023. Why shouldn’t Turkey create a Google. A leadership superior than the crisis discourse and a target could help it to become real with the current infrastructure. If we hit the start button, we will have the opportunity to collect the fruits of it. This is possible with a young generation that can write codes.

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