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The Netherlands is the leading foreign investor in Turkey, accounting for 13.9 percent, or $956 million, of the total foreign direct investment (FDI) Turkey received in 2016, according to Central Bank data. In the last 12 years, Dutch investment totaled $21 billion, accounting for 16 percent of Turkish FDI. The Economy Ministry has said that 2,693 Dutch companies are operating in Turkey.

Likewise, the Netherlands is the top destination for Turkish companies investing overseas, with investment totaling about $12.5 billion.

Bilateral trade

The Netherlands is one of Turkey’s most important trading partners. Although Turkey has maintained a trade deficit over the last decade and saw an overall decline in exports in 2016, exports to the Netherlands rose 14 percent last year, producing a trade balance of almost $600 million in Turkey’s favor.

Trade with the Netherlands accounts for 2.5

percent of Turkish exports and 1.5 percent of its imports. For the Netherlands’ part, Turkey’s share is smaller: Turkey imports 1.2 percent of Dutch exports and 0.7 percent of its imports.

Dutch tourists are among Turkey’s biggest visitors. In 2012, 994,179 Dutch tourists came, rising to 1 million in 2013 and 1.19 million in 2014. The number fell to 943,000 in 2015 and 717,000 in 2016, in line with the overall decline in tourist arrivals.

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