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system.” Reconciliation and a culture of sharing are at the forefront in these countries. Coalition governments are formed in these countries and they seem to have a compromising approach to management that encompasses wider segments and ideas, Kadioglu found.

In the United States, which is the most successful country in which a presidential system is practiced, the principle of checks and balances is at the forefront. The president needs the approval of Congress and the permission of courts on important issues and appointments.

Focus on education

Parliamentary systems appear to be more successful in terms of economic criteria. A high level and quality of education stand out in these countries. While Kadioglu believes

Turkey, like any other country, should address the missing aspects in its system, but rather than completely overhaul its governance, the focus should be on education.

“As we cannot raise the level of education of our people with a change to the political system, we should try to increase the quality of education, the judicial system and taxation as soon as possible,” he said.

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