Time for high stakes


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Rediscovering its centuries-old political genes and trying to make its own way bravely, Turkey realised one of the biggest revolutions of our political history on April 16th ... Now it is time for Turkey to play for high stakes

... The playmakers of the campaign against a presidential system know all these very well. That’s why they did all they can do to “stop Turkey.” Some factions in Turkey did not refuse to be pawns of this game. They could not see the game, and the ones who could see it were a part of the same treason ... Soros-esque operations for ”color revolution” or street terrorism initiatives like the Gezi Park (protests in 2013) will be perceived as a foreign intervention. Because it is indeed a foreign intervention. It is sensed that new attempts for anti-Turkey attacks led by European Union countries were wanted to be served via the Republican People’s Party just after referendum. It shall not be forgotten that all these attempts will be perceived just like the July 15 coup attempt. Because it is obvious that these provocations have nothing to do with Turkey’s domestic political identity or internal affairs .... That’s what we call the “grand march,” and that march will be done with bigger steps from now on. Turkey will now play for high stakes. Erbakan, Ozal and even Yavuz, Fatih and Kanuni stand by Erdogan on this grand march. The message is clear.

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