An old dream


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Whether you look at the bicolored Turkey map or all the figures ... they all give the same message: It is the end of Erdogan and AKP rule ... As an Ankara journalist, I am expected to tell you what’s being said currently at the palace and behind the scenes in the government. Let me tell you this first: Erdogan will underake a series of operations within the party and cabinet so that this heavy defeat is no longer discussed. He will focus on changing the agenda. But it is really depressed at the palace and within the AKP. You can not imagine. People talk about a dream of Erdogan’s that he described to his close circle in the past. Erdogan shared this story back in the days when he was secretly detaching himself from the National Vision movement. I have heard it a couple of times from those present … Erdogan built a gigantic palace and settled in with his friends. As he was placing the last brick, the palace was demolished suddenly, and he and his friends were trapped under the ruins … Erdogan asked his trusted friends to comment on the dream. It is rather meaningful that this dream has started to confuse many minds in the palace.

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