Cabinet reshuffle


Changes to Turkey’s cabinet now not expected to chime until next year

Anew date – spring 2018 – for the keenly awaited cabinet reshuffle has been indicated within Parliament corridors. While the waiting period for a revised cabinet had been brought onto the agenda before the April 16 referendum it was again phased out after the referendum. The shift in expectations for cabinet changes to be delayed until 2018 is linked to the 180-day road map to be set out by congress and ministers. According to AK Party sources, the provincial and district conventions will be completed by the end of this year. Following completion of provincial congresses, the AK Party’s ordinary congress will be held in spring 2018, possibly in May. The main changes in the party and cabinet will take place after the ordinary congress following changes seen during the provincial and district congresses. This staff will carry the AK Party to the local, parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for 2019. The existing cabinet will continue for some time with the current ministerial team, who will complete their 180-day short-term action program by the end of this month so it can be implemented in July. The action program and its successful implementation will also determine whether ministers will receive posts all the way to 2019.

Parliament preparing for summer work

Preparing to enter the summer holiday after having enacted the Manufacturing Reform Package and adjustment laws for the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors, Parliament has returned to work on the internal regulations of Parliament, with the president stating: “The current internal regulations are over and the AK Party and the MHP will join forces and hopefully hand it over.” The AK Party has prepared a proposal for amendments to the 30-point internal regulation that would accelerate the adoption of the new Constitution and the work of Parliament. Expectations are that this 30-item proposal, which has already been presented to the prime minister, is to be enacted in July with the support of the MHP.

Steps towards adjustment legislation

The government has initiated legislative amendments to the Constitution, which was changed after the April 16 referendum. The negotiating process has begun for the first harmonization package, which includes the amendment of 132 articles within 16 laws including the Military Penal Code, the Judges Prosecutors’ Law, the Constitutional Court, the Council of State Law and the Supreme Court Law. Internal regulations and the judicial package will be enacted first, while the six-month period for adjustment laws is currently in progress.

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