Female ex-PM to return?


Busy post-Eid period in focus as ex-PM Ciller tipped to join AK Party 2019 campaign

Attention now moves to autumn and focuses on the necessary steps to be taken in the economy. This period constitutes the most important part of the “breakthrough period” announced after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan became AK Party chairman several months ago. With the end of the long holiday for Eid, a busy work period lies ahead for the government and the economy’s administrators. Preparations for the 2018-20 medium-term program have begun, while work on the 2018 budget, which won’t be presented to Parliament until October 17, has accelerated. It is said that the 180-day action plan, hotly anticipated since June, is close to completion. It is expected that the action plan, which is being carried out under the coordination of the president and prime minister and which has faced constant delays due to changes in the Cabinet, will be revealed later this month.

Customs M n stry reform package to be addressed by Food Comm ttee

Structural measures on food prices, which are among the main reasons for rising inflation in Turkey, are among the headlines on the economy management’s agenda. The Food Committee will take a series of measures at its first meeting since the Eid holiday, while annual inflation moves to double digits, at 10.68%. At its last meeting, the committee decided that fresh fruit and vegetables must be packaged in accordance with international standards and be transported to sales points in refrigerated trailers. Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek previously stated that structural measures in relation to this would take place in October and that the standards would soon be published in the Official Gazette. In this context, the Customs and Trade Ministry’s reform package on wholesale markets will also be decided on at the next Food Committee meeting.

Attract on Centers program

The government is soon to announce the Attraction Centers Program for 23 provinces in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. Within the framework of the program, an investment of TL 92 billion to help employ 365,000 is anticipated for projects which 3,380 companies have applied to manage. The companies’ applications are judged on which investments have priority and whether firms have experience in the field of investment they are asking to manage.

W ll C ller be part of pres dent al push n 2019?

Former Prime Minister Tansu Ciller has been tipped to become an active participant in the 2019 presidential election campaign beside President Erdogan – and even as a candidate for the vice-presidency. Those who speak out that Ciller, who once scarred Turkish politics as a True Path Party (DYP) president and prime minister, is still a centerright opponent, also regard her potential standing as a tactical move to pick future votes off Meral Aksener’s fledgling center party. The coming days will tell whether Ciller, who participated in ceremonies held in Istanbul and Ankara on the anniversary of the July 15 coup d’état and then attended the August 30 reception at the presidential palace, will indeed return to politics as forecast.

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